my future-new-wife??

on 25.1.07

Twinhead's sleek, go-anywhere Twinhead 12D high-performance wireless notebook delivers great performance, top wireless connectivity for frequent travelers and style-conscious consumers

Twinhead, the notebook specialists, today announced release of the stylish, light-enough-to- take-anywhere Twinhead 12D/Twinhead 12DL notebook featuring a 12.1-inch screen and high wireless throughput for office, on-the-go travelers, and business people.

This great notebook combines superb portability, a clear, sharp get-the-job-done 12.1-inch LCD screen, onboard Intel Centrino wireless connectivity, Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition and other variety functions.

Powered by a Intel Pentium M processor FSB 533MHz with 2MB L2 cache, 12D has more than enough power to speed through today's most demanding business and entertainment applications with grace and agility.

Ready to get work assignments done in a wide variety of locations – in the office, at home, onboard flights and even in parks or coffee shops – the 12D comes with a crisp, clear 12.1-inch XGA TFT LCD screen with high 1,024x 768 resolution for outstanding, easy-on-the-eyes display for work or for fun.

Better yet, the stylish and sleek Twinhead 12D delivers heavy weight power in a light weight package: Weighing in at only 1.78 Kg, it's light enough to take anywhere without weighing down an active lifestyle.

Designed with attractive lines and thoughtful touches, Twinhead12D is more than a work tool – it's an attractive traveling companion that earns admitting looks for its style and attitude.

The Twinhead 12D's connectivity rivals that of a full-featured desktop replacement:It comes with a 4-in-1 media card reader, a PCMCIA slot,three high speed USB 2.0 ports, a IEEE 1394 connector, an external monitor connector, a choice of integrated optical devices and much more.

may Allah make "she" helps me in da`wah and steadfast on this road..


Saya masih dalam perkiraan melabur disini..
Adakah pelabuaran ini termaktub sebagai "tijaratan lan tabur.." atau sebalik nya??

Apa pendapat anda??

Istikharah akan terus Saya lakukan..Moga diberi petunjuk


Inqilaab said...

selamat beristeri baru.. hahaha...

moga dakwah lebih menjadi dengan adanya 'isteri' sebagai tulang belakang. 'Isteri baru' power apa?

jangan ambik hati.. :D

maniacsicko said...

tijratn lan tabur tu pe kebenda?

Olinda said...

People should read this.